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Holt High School Yearbooks

The first HHS annual - The Lone Pine - was produced in 1930. In the period of 1930 to 1949, yearbooks were only produced sporadically. See the list of known editions at right. 

There was no yearbook published in 1950, as the student body could not get a group together to create the book. 

Beginning in 1951, Holt yearbooks got the title Rampages and the book is still published annually. 

1930 - The Lone Pine

1931 - The Lone Pine

1937 - The Lone Pine

1946 - Skool Daze

1947 - Theta Sigma

1948 - Echo

1949 - The Key

1951-present - Rampages

Did you, your parents, grandparents, or beyond attend Holt High School? The Holt-Delhi Historical Society has a near complete collection of Holt High School yearbooks, our collection is currently missing 1983, 1999, and 2019-present. Please contact us to donate these years. 

Though the majority of Holt yearbooks are available digitally online, sometimes handling a physical copy of the book is desired or more useful. If you would like to make an appointment to view our yearbook collection in person, please contact us. If you are unable to view the digital collection for any reason and cannot visit us in person, the HDHS can conduct a look-up in any of Holt's yearbooks and alumni directories. Please complete the Look-Up Request Form on our Genealogy page. You can also reach us with a simple email at [email protected] or telephone call at (517) 694-0732

Though Dimondale (located in Windsor Township, Eaton County, Michigan) has been a part of Holt Public Schools since 1962, the Holt-Delhi Historical Society does not cover Dimondale history. For Dimondale yearbooks and other history, please contact or visit the Dorothy Hull Library in Dimondale. 

Digitized Holt High School Yearbooks

View all digitized Holt High School yearbooks, 1930-2015, online courtesy of CADL Local History. The Holt-Delhi Historical Society supplied some volumes of the HHS yearbook to CADL for digitization. Use the thumbnails below. Select a year by clicking the "Explore" button below each one. 

The Lone Pine, 1930

The Lone Pine, 1931

The Lone Pine, 1937

Skool Daze, 1946

Theta Sigma, 1947

Echo, 1948

The Key, 1949

Rampages, 1951

Rampages, 1952

Rampages, 1953

Rampages, 1954

Rampages, 1955

Rampages, 1956

Rampages, 1957

Rampages, 1958

Rampages, 1959

Rampages, 1960

Rampages, 1961

Rampages, 1962

Rampages, 1963

Rampages, 1964

Rampages, 1965

Rampages, 1966

Rampages, 1967

Rampages, 1968

Rampages, 1969

Rampages, 1970

Rampages, 1971

Rampages, 1972

Rampages, 1973

Rampages, 1974

Rampages, 1975

Rampages, 1976

Rampages, 1977

Rampages, 1978

Rampages, 1979

Rampages, 1980

Rampages, 1981

Rampages, 1982

Rampages, 1983

Rampages, 1984

Rampages, 1985

Rampages, 1986

Rampages, 1987

Rampages, 1988

Rampages, 1989

Rampages, 1990

Rampages, 1991

Rampages, 1992

Rampages, 1993

Rampages, 1994

Rampages, 1995

Rampages, 1996

Rampages, 1997

Rampages, 1998

Rampages, 1999

Rampages, 2000

Rampages, 2001

Rampages, 2002

Rampages, 2003

Rampages, 2004

Rampages, 2005

Rampages, 2006

Rampages, 2007

Rampages, 2008

Rampages, 2009

Rampages, 2010

Rampages, 2011

Rampages, 2012

Rampages, 2013

Rampages, 2014

Rampages, 2015

Rampages, 2016

Rampages, 2017

Rampages, 2018

How to Access CADL Local History Holt Yearbooks:

The majority of Holt High School's yearbooks have been digitized courtesy of the Capital Area District Libraries. 

CADL's Local History Online, the online database managed by the CADL Local History Room, contains digital copies of most HHS annuals and can be accessed following the directions below: 
1. Follow the link above. 
2. Click the "Browse by Term" button at the top of the page. 
3. Under "Creators" select the letter "H."
4. Click on "Holt-Delhi Schools."
5. The next page will include the list of all digitized yearbooks
6. Select any yearbook by clicking on its cover or title.
7. In each yearbook's entry, the "link" field includes a link to the downloadable pdf version of the yearbook.

Click here for a link directly to the digitized Holt yearbooks.