Holt-Delhi Historical Society

Established 2014

Delhi District No. 7 (Gunn School) Records

The Gunn School records in this collection belonged to Hilda Menger (1901-1995). Menger and her siblings attended the Gunn School, her father George Menger was a Gunn School Board member, and the family farm was located just across Washington Road from the school. Following Miss Menger's passing, her estate went up for auction and the records were acquired by a local collector in 1996. In the 25 years since, the collection sat in two local collections before being contributed to the Holt-Delhi Historical Society archive in 2021. 

No records exist prior to 1874. 

Record Inventory:

Book 1
 Student Census, 1902-1909 and 1921; Board Minutes, 1913 and 1919; Treasurer's Records, 1912-1920
Book 2
 Board Minutes, 1923-1933; Treasurer's Records, 1924-1936
Book 3
 Order and Warrant Book, 1888-1908
Book 4
 Order and Warrant Book, 1913-1916
Book 5
 Grade Book and Pupil List, 1890-1892
Book 6
 Examination Register (including Pupil List), 1909-1913
Book 7
 Examination Register (including Pupil List), 1914-1920
Book 8
 Order and Warrant Book, 1916-1920
Book 9
 Order and Warrant Book, 1920-1922
Book 10
 Order and Warrant Book, 1905-1910
Book 11
 Order and Warrant Book, 1926-1929
Book 12
 Order and Warrant Book, 1900-1903
Book 13
 Order and Warrant Book, 1901-1905
Book 14
 Order Receipt Book, 1885-1886 *[Documents construction of the current Gunn School building]
Book 15
 Board Minutes, 1874-1910; Student Census, 1875-1908; Teacher Contracts; Reports to District
Book 16
 Teacher's Classification Register (grade book), 1896-1900
Book 17
 Teacher's Classification Register (grade book), 1882-1887
Book 18
 Examination Register, 1900-1903