Holt-Delhi Historical Society

Established 2014


Though the Holt-Delhi Historical Society is not a genealogical society, our community is full of fascinating families with histories integral to our foundation and growth. Ingham County is home to two genealogical societies, please see Local Resources for more information. Our collection may be useful in your genealogical research, please see our pertinent collections under the Research tab above and listed below. If you would like to provide the HDHS with a copy of your family history please contact us, we would accept any information relating to families who spent any time in Holt or Delhi Township. For information on research assistance please scroll to the bottom of this page. 


We have a small collection of Ingham County and Delhi Township directories. Early rural directories are rare, though the 1916 Rural Directory of Ingham County is a staple of this collection. 

This collection is also useful when conducting research on the history of homes, which we are able to assist with in some cases. 

Grovenburg United Methodist Church Material 

With the closure of the historic Grovenburg United Methodist Church in 2019, the Holt-Delhi Historical Society received several boxes of historic material from the church in an effort to preserve the history. No official church records were given to the HDHS, all records were transferred to the Mid-Michigan District of the United Methodist Church Michigan Conference. Among the material now held by the HDHS includes Sunday School ledgers and books, written histories of the church, photographs (both historic and modern), and more. This collection, sorted but not yet processed or organized, is available to researchers and anyone interested in looking through the collection. 

We are not currently able to do look-ups in this collection because of its breadth and the lack of a finding aid. 

We have also been gifted a model of the church building, which was made in the 1940s by Donald Launstein. It needs extensive repairs, but is available for viewing in our office. 

The former church building, located on Grovenburg Road, is now owned by Delhi Charter Township. The HDHS went through the building and salvaged any remaining historic material before the building was cleaned out. 

Presbyterian Marriage Records

Records of marriages conducted by Rev. Charles P. Andrews, 1920-1932, at the Holt Presbyterian Church. Available for digital look-up only via scans of the original record book. This material is courtesy of Rev. Andrews' family. Please see the research assistance section below for information on how to request a look-up. 

Research Assistance

All categories listed above and under the Research tab can be utilized by the public for research. Look-ups from out-of-town researchers can be accommodated, though we ask for a donation for look-ups due to our limited volunteers. Extensive look-ups and research unfortunately cannot be accommodated. Copies of obituaries, articles, and marriage records can be provided digitally if they are located. Please complete the look-up request form below and include all information that will assist in finding the information you are seeking. 
If you would like research assistance or would like to access our collection for genealogical purposes, please send us an email at [email protected], give us a call at (517) 694-0732, or use the Contact Us page for other options. 

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