Holt-Delhi Historical Society

Established 2014

Monetary Donations

Monetary donations and gifts may be made to the Holt-Delhi Historical Society and will support our future events and activities, as well as help with the preservation of our collection and archive. The Holt-Delhi Historical Society operates under the Holt Non-Profit Coalition 501(c)(3) nonprofit status. Please send checks and any other mail to the Holt-Delhi Historical Society at 4410 West Holt Road, Holt, Michigan 48842. 

PayPal Donations

Donations by PayPal to support the Holt-Delhi Historical Society general fund, Gunn School fund, or Kahres Dairy Farm project. Use the button above to proceed using the drop-down menu to select a specific project or general donation. 

Check Donations

Cash Donations

Donations by check to support the Holt-Delhi Historical Society general fund, Gunn School fund, or Kahres Dairy Farm project may be made by check. Please make checks payable to the Holt Non-Profit Coalition with a memo note including "HDHS" and, if so desired, a specific project (i.e. "Kahres," "Gunn School," etc.). 

Cash donations are welcome. We would encourage limiting cash donations to in-person, at events, programs, and tours. 

Collection Donations

Interested in donating materials to the Holt-Delhi Historical Society? The HDHS is currently accepting donations to our collection! Our collection wish list (see below) lists some items we are seeking, but please do not limit donations to only those topics. Please contact us regarding donation offers. 

When making a donation please complete our donation form (linked below), as we do keep documentation of all donations we receive. Donations may be dropped off at our office, at any of our meetings or events, or by contacting us we can coordinate a pick-up or drop-off site if so desired. 

Collections Wish List

Specific Items

  • Holt High School Rampages yearbooks - 1983, 1999, 2019
  • 1926 Holt High School diploma (first graduating class)
  • Rural Ingham County or Holt/Delhi-specific directories and plat maps
  • Holt Dairy Company bottles, advertising, crates, etc. 
  • Kahres Dairy bottles, advertising, crates, etc.
  • Holt State Bank brick (demolished 1975)
  • I.O.O.F. building brick (demolished 1995)
  • Holt High School brick (demolished 1982)
  •  Pieces of wood from lost barns/homes

General Categories

Delhi Township Schools Memorabilia (Holt, Holt Lutheran, Lott, Gunn, North, etc.)

  • Yearbooks, athletic uniforms, band uniforms, awards, diplomas, report cards, dance tickets, class rings, varsity sweaters/jackets, etc. 

Holt-Delhi Business Memorabilia 
  • Advertisements, signs, products, matchbooks, boxes and bags, employee effects, etc. 
  • Restaurants - menus, glasses, dishes, iconic furniture, etc.
  • "Made in Holt" products. 

Holt-Delhi Community Organization Memorabilia (Kiwanis, Lions, Rotary, Masons, Odd Fellows, Rebekahs, Eastern Stars, etc.)
  • Pins, uniforms, awards, programs, cookbooks, etc. 

Holt-Delhi Celebration Memorabilia 
  • Semi-Centennial (1892), Centennial (1942), 125th (1967), Sesquicentennial (1992), Homecomings, Hometown Festivals (1999-), Michigan Sesquicentennial (1987), National Bicentennial (1976), etc. 

Holt Church Memorabilia 
  • Furniture (pews, stained glass, lights, etc.)
  • Personal effects of pastors, etc.
  • Cookbooks, bibles, hymnals, writings, etc.

Wartime Memorabilia (Civil War, Spanish-American War, WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, etc.)
  • G.A.R. Badges, Ribbons, VFW items, American Legion items, uniforms, draft cards, enlistment/discharge papers, letters, medals, photographs, etc.

Delhi Township Government Memorabilia 
  • Personal and professional effects of past supervisors, clerks, treasurers, trustees, managers, justices, constables, employees, fire chiefs, police chiefs, etc. 
  • Artifacts from past town halls, elections, campaigns, etc. 
  • Fire Department artifacts - uniforms, badges, personal effects, etc. 
  • Police Department artifacts - uniforms, badges, personal effects, etc. 

Holt-Delhi Family Memorabilia 
  • Bibles, photographs, genealogies, etc. 

Holt-Delhi Newspapers (The Holt Independent, Holt Press, Holt Recorder, Holt Community News, etc.)
  • Complete issues, incomplete issues, clippings, etc. 

Holt-Delhi Photographs
  • Scrapbooks, postcards, portraits, street scenes, etc.