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Delhi Township Cemeteries 

The Delhi Charter Township Clerk's office maintains all three of Delhi Township's cemeteries and their records. The Holt-Delhi Historical Society can obtain information from the Clerk's office, however we would direct most researchers to contact the Clerk's office directly for records inquiries. 

Delhi Township is home to three cemeteries, Pioneer Cemetery, Maple Ridge Cemetery, and Markham Cemetery. The City of Lansing's North Cemetery was originally a Delhi Township cemetery but was annexed by the City in the 1960s. 

Below we have provided links to Find A Grave and Interment.net listings for each of Delhi's former and current cemeteries. 

Pioneer Cemetery

Pioneer Cemetery was deeded to the Delhi Township Department of Health in 1850. It was active from 1853 to 1938. Located on Aurelius Road and just over one acre in size, it is the burial place of many early residents in the Holt-Delhi area. Cemetery records for Pioneer were lost in a fire at some point in time, there is no information regarding their loss. The only records available are transcriptions from surviving headstones. Though the cemetery is maintained nicely, many of the stones are very old and are illegible, damaged, or missing. The record transcriptions were done in the 1990s. HDHS has copies of the Pioneer Cemetery records, they can also be obtained through the Delhi Township Clerk's office. Pioneer Cemetery is on the Ingham County Register of Historic Sites and is a Michigan Historic Site registered with the Historical Society of Michigan. 

Maple Ridge Cemetery

Maple Ridge Cemetery had its first burial in 1855 and was purchased by Delhi Township in 1884. Mr. Samuel Wood was the first burial in the cemetery in February 1855 - his grave is still marked today. There are approximately 12 burials that date prior to when Delhi took over ownership. Located on Willoughby Road, Maple Ridge is now approximately 21 acres in size and still active. Records for Maple Ridge Cemetery can be obtained through the Delhi Township Clerk's office. 

Markham Cemetery 

Markham Cemetery began as a private cemetery in the mid-1800s. Just over one acre in size, Markham is located on Grovenburg Road and was obtained by Delhi Township on November 19, 2002. In its history it has also been referred to as the "Grovenburg Cemetery" and is the final resting place for many of the notable residents of the Grovenburg community. Records for Markham Cemetery can be obtained through the Delhi Township Clerk's office. 

North Cemetery (formerly North Delhi Cemetery)

North Cemetery began as a private family cemetery in the mid-1800s. On May 17, 1852, Delhi Township acquired the cemetery from Joshua North for $55. The original section of the cemetery was restricted for burials of North family members and close friends of the pioneering family. There are no cemetery records dating prior to Delhi Township's purchase of the cemetery. The North Cemetery Association was established in 1911 to care for the cemetery. In 1960, the the North Delhi Cemetery was annexed by the City of Lansing along with the North School District and the entire Miller Road Community. All records and care for the cemetery were then transferred to the City of Lansing. Though it is now located in Lansing, the vast majority of those buried there were pioneers of Delhi Township - including Delhi first supervisor Henry Harrison North and first treasurer Roswell Everett. The first burial after the annexation occurred in January 1961. The cemetery is no longer active and in order for a burial to occur, one must already have ownership of the plot(s) via inheritance or transfer of ownership. Records for North Cemetery can be obtained through the City of Lansing Cemetery Administrative Office or the Cemetery Courtesy Office run by the Friends of Lansing's Historic Cemeteries. There are various dated transcriptions and publications that have been done over the years. 

Delhi Charter Township Clerk's Office

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City of Lansing Cemetery Administrative Office

Foster Community Center

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City of Lansing Cemetery Courtesy Office

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