Holt-Delhi Historical Society

Established 2014

2019 Maple Ridge Cemetery Tour
July 21, 2019, 2 p.m.

As a result of technical difficulties preventing us from bringing photos to the tour, we are presenting photographs, obituaries, and brief information on each individual here. 

Samuel Wood

Samuel Wood (1817-1855), pictured left, was the first burial in Maple Ridge Cemetery. His grave is one of the oldest marked graves in the Township. Though it is likely that the grave marker was added much later upon the death of his wife Priscilla Wood (1821-1887). 

Section WW, Block 4, Lot 12

Claude D. Aldrich & Carrie Keller Aldrich

Both descendants of pioneer Delhi Township residents, Claude Denslow Aldrich (1877-1937) and Carrie L. Keller Aldrich (1879-1973) lived much of their marriage in East Lansing, where Claude worked for Michigan Agricultural College, founded a coal company, and worked in public service as the postmaster of East Lansing, supervisor of Lansing Township, and as the County Parole Officer. Carrie was actively involved in the People's Church, then upon her return to Holt as a widow, with the Holt United Methodist Church. Carrie lived her later years in the old Keller farm on Keller Road (near the present drive through of CVS). Photo below is captioned "Carrie Aldrich, Keller Road, June 1959," it was taken by S.S. Alf and shows the Keller home with Carrie seated on the side of the house. 

Section WW, Block 3, Lot 28

Arthur G. Wemple

Arthur Garfield Wemple (1881-1938) came to Holt in 1899 and purchased the John Ferguson farm in North Holt. The Wemples sold the farm in 1920 to the Krentel Brothers, developers from Lansing. The Krentel Bros. along with fellow developer Charles Tolland platted and developed Sterling Farms subdivision on the Wemple farm. The neighborhood still exists with streets named for the involved parties - Wemple St., Krentel Ave., Tolland Ave., and Fay Ave. 

After selling his farm to developers in 1920, Wemple moved to the former Dan H. Rice farm east of Holt, located at the corner of Holt Rd. and College Road. He was an active community member, serving on the Holt Board of Education, the Holt United Methodist Church Board of Trustees, Superintendent of the Methodist Church's Sunday School, and on the Delhi Township Board of Review. 

Section WW, Block 8, Lot 275

John W. Fay & Betty A. Fay

John (1918-1989) and Betty (1919-2014) both grew up in Holt and graduated from Holt High School, Classes of 1936 and 1937, respectively. John worked for Alan Albert's grocery store in Holt - Albert's Grocery - starting in 1936. By 1946, John and Leonard Potter bought out Albert and re-branded the business as Holt's Food Center. In 1953, they moved the store out of the old I.O.O.F. building and into its own building (pictured below) just around the corner where it remained until closing around 1976. John was also active in the Kiwanis Club of Holt. 

Betty was an educator, earning her education degree late in life and leading a 20 year career teaching elementary and reading in Holt, primarily at Sycamore Elementary School. She introduced RIF - Reading is Fundamental - to Holt Schools. 

Both John and Betty were active with the Holt United Methodist Church.

Section WW, Block 10, Lot 475

Billie Dowell

Billie Dowell (1930-2003) served as Delhi Township clerk, 1972-1977, and Delhi Township supervisor, 1977-1984. Widowed as a young mother of 3, Billie was a strong woman who worked at the Michigan Constitutional Convention of 1961-1962 and gave back to her community while maintaining a tight-knit family. For twelve years, about 1957-1969, Billie and her husband Jerry owned and operated Midway Ashland Oil Co. in Holt. After her husband's death, Billie sold the business and turned to public service, which is when she was elected to Township office in the early 1970s. She is, to date, the first and only woman to serve as Delhi Township supervisor.